With our humble roots in the year 2000, we have grown to become one of the leading names in the Indian Home Textile Industry. Our team of dedicated merchants, designer and prestigious heritage craftsmen are at your service to provide you with product so eternally beautiful that you’re left in awe.


Manufacturing and exporting quality Beddings, Cushions, Rugs, Throws, Curtains, Table Linens, Bags, Knitted stockings and a cascade of other products.  You will never be short of items when you look for inspiration.

Our in-house manufacturing and strategic tie ups makes it a breeze for customers to not only get quality product but also make the whole experience of buying a stroll in the park.

Take a back seat while we do the hard work and ensure that your products are delivered on time and with all quality assurances.

Our Expertise

With decades of experience in the Home Textile industry, there is nothing that we cannot do. We have learnt the art of blending our heritage along with a modern outlook to provide you with everything you could imagine.

Embroidery, Beadwork, Applique, Printing, Weaving, Embellishments, 3D, Patchworks… the list is endless and we can fulfil them to the second.

Our Commitment

Through all of this, we understand and work hard to preserve the environment as well as the heritage that comes along with our products. Our factories and everyone we work with strive to create a social and ethical compliant units.

We have been audited by various third parties agencies to ensure that we keep up to date with the international standards and our in house team are always endeavouring to go one step beyond.